Are Diet Pills Safe?

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What are Diet PillsToday’s article will address the question, “Are diet pills safe?”

With so many different kinds of diet programs and products on the market today we have to start taking a look at them individually and ask the right questions to ensure our safety.

As you should be aware of there are many companies out there that are just interested in getting you money so we will continually take a look at products and programs and give you our opinion on what we think about them.

Let’s start with finding out what diet pills are and then we can look at how safe they are.

Hopefully, today we can answer any questions you might have about diet pills!

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What are diet pills?

There are basically two kinds of diet pills used, the ones you can buy almost anywhere and prescription diet pills.

Prescription Diet Pills

Let’s start with prescription pills. These are prescribed by a doctor and are almost always used along with a weight loss program and are in most cases only given to people with a BMI of 30 or over, or to people that are at least 27 on the BMI lost and have an accompanying condition like high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes.

We are not going to get too far into the prescription pills as there are many different kinds and all serve a specific need for the person prescribed to them.

Many have side effects and if you fall into this area health-wise make sure you tell your doctor everything you are taking as far as medicines, supplements, and what weight loss program you might be thinking about using.

All this information will play a part in what kinds of pills you may end up taking, and at that point, you can discuss in detail with your doctor what to expect when taking your prescribed pills.

Over the counter diet pills

We turned to the Mayo Clinic for our information on these types of pills.

According to them, and we agree, is there is no magic pill or diet plan that will make you lose weight, it takes a lifestyle change of eating a well-balanced diet low in calories and being active.

Diet pills, supplements, these are all just tools to use along with a proven weight loss plan.

While many can work and work well no one pill or diet is going to be effective in the long run without commitment to follow a healthy living plan.

Mayo has done countless studies on combining dietary supplements and diet pills with a healthy active lifestyle and they have concluded that the tools added to the overall plan do increase your chances of losing weight and maintaining that weight loss for over a year.

Diet PillsAre they safe to use?

Prescription diet pills will be monitored by your doctor and we will let him make that determination.

As far as over the counter diet pills go, they are safe to use if you follow the directions to the letter and do your research on drug interaction. You need to find out any drug interaction information you can if you are taking any kind of medication.

Things to avoid are excessive use of these pills because many of them could lead the user into an addictive cycle and we want to avoid that at all costs!

Just be aware of all the warnings and side effects that could come up in your personal situation.

Our view

We feel that the above says it all and we completely agree that they can and do work, and they can be safe, but they will not do the job alone.

One must have an overall lifestyle plan of action that could include these pills along with a diet plan to accomplish your weight loss.

We hope this answers any questions you may have about these types of weight loss aids, if you still have any lingering questions or just want to leave us a message please do so in the comments section below because we love hearing from you!

We hope you enjoyed our article: “Are Diet Pills Safe?”

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