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Best Diets 2020 – Hottest Trends Today

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Best Diets 2020In our ever-changing world of covid-19, diet plans have become very important to a wide variety of individuals. These individuals have found themselves house-bound, with little or nothing to do with their time and seek to find the best diets 2020.

I know that I am subject to consuming most anything when I am bored. I do not think that I am much different from the average person.

Yes, I have home exercise equipment, but I can only do so much of that, or so my body tells me. I have never been a gym rat, so I can’t say that I am in love with exercising, for the sake of exercising, endorphins, be damned.

I have the 21st century home tool box of electronic goodies: laptop, PC, iPad, iPhone, and cable TV. Now that the covid-19 pandemic has hit Hollywood, all my favorite shows are ending and a parade of old material is all that there is to watch.

All of this aims me toward the microwave, stove, fridge, and calling for takeout.

In desperation, I started searching for what are the best diets 2020. This is what I have discovered on my quest:

Diet Categories

Once I began researching diets, I discovered that this is not a singular subject. There are a variety of categories that different diets fall under. The following is a list diet categories that you might search:

  • Best Overall Diets
  • Best Commercial Diets
  • Best Diabetes Diets
  • Best Heart Healthy Diets
  • Best Healthy Eating Diets
  • Best Fast Weight loss Diets
  • Best Weight loss Diets
  • Best Plant Based Food Diets
  • Best Easiet Diet To Follow

Ok, these are the categories that I spent time researching. I will provide you with I have found as the top 3 diets in each of the major categories.

Best Diets 2020Diet Rankings by Category

Now I know that this is a ranking that is colored through my lenses, and I am sure that everyone has their own personal favorite or what worked best for them, but here I go:

  • Best Overall Diets – I rank the Flexitarian Diet as #1 in this category. This diet combines vegan and a meat lifestyle, hence the name Flexitarian. It is primarily a diet around greens and veggies, but allows for a burger and steak when the mood strikes. It is the flexibility that drew me to this diet. Close 2nd and 3rd went to the Mediterraenean Diet and Dash Diet. The Mediterranean Diet stresses small amounts of red meat, sugar, and fat. The Dash Diet was primarily predicated on lower blood pressure, so it stressed reduced sodium, as well as eating healthy.
  • Best Weight Loss Diets – Volumetrics Diet is my choice for #1 in this category. The Volumetrics diet is more an eating approach than a pure diet. Foods are broken into 4 categories, by density. You choose from each category daily, when making your food choices to eat healthy. I like the program because, as its name states, I can eat an awful lot of low dense food and fill up. 2nd and 3rd in this category went to Vegan Diet and Mediterranean Diet. We have discussed the Mediiterranean Diet in the last column. A vegan diet strictly bans any animal products. Veggies, fruit, nuts that it is it.
  • Best Commercial Diets – Nutrisystem is the #1 in this category. I am familiar with this program, having lost over 65 lbs on my time using it. Balanced nutrition and managing blood sugars are what has made this program work and the program is easy to follow, My only drawback was cost. #2 and #3 are Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers. I, also, used weight watchers for a time, in one of my weight loss journeys (as you can tell, I have been down this path a few times). It works for some people, but the meetings were a problem for me because of my travel schedule. Jenny Craig is very similar to Nutrisystem in that portion control is an intricate part of their system. I went with Nutrisystem over Jenny Craig because of my firsthand experience on the program.
  • Best Diabetes Diets – Dash Diet was #1 in my book because of its nutritional completeness and ability to control blood sugar levels. #2 and # 3 are the Flexitarian Diet and the Mayo Clinic Diet. We have discussed the Flex diet and its ability to combine veggies, greens, and some meat. The Mayo Clinic Diet is a lifestyle change to make healthy eating a life long habit.
  • Heart Healthy Diets – Dash Diet gets my vote for #1. It fights high blood pressure and it is nutritionally complete. #2 and # 3 are the Mediterranean Diet and the Vegan Diet. Both of these we have previously discussed.
  • Healthy Eating Diets – Theoretically, this encompasses all of these diets, but my #1 choice is Flexitarian Diet. If it hasn’t become apparent, this is my personal favorite. I can basically eat almost all I want of veggies and supplement it with a little meat, now and again. #2 and #3 are another two old favorites, the Mediterranean Diet and the Dash Diet.
  • Fast Weight Loss Diet – This might be near and dear to many people, how can I drop weight quickly? The top rated, #1 diet is the Keto Diet. This diet is all the rage at the moment. It emphasizes fat burning by eliminating carbs, so that your body burns fat for fuel. #2 and # 3 are the Jenny Craig Diet, which we have previously discussed and the Atkins Diet. the Atkins Diet is very similar to the Keto Diet, in that it emphasized carb reduction to burn fat for fuel.
  • Plant Based Food Diet – This category is filled with old standbys. #1 is the Flexitarian Diet, followed closely by #2 and #3, the Mediterranean Diet and the Vegan Diet
  • Easiest Diet to Follow – Once again, we have seen these diets.  #1 is the Flexitarian Diet, followed closely by #2 and #3, the Mediterranean Diet and the Nutrisystem Diet.

My Best Diets 2020

Best Diets 2020I am pretty sure that you have picked out my favorite choices by this time. I am excluding diets that are predicated for a specific medical condition, like diabetes and heart issues.

The following are my personal favorites:

  • Flexitarian Diet
  • Volumetric Diet
  • Mediterranean Diet

and just because I love to eat meat:

  • The Keto Diet


There are so many choices available today to help you lose weight or at least get a handle on it. I am firmly aware that it all boils down to have some form of self restraint, but that is easier than done with that chocolate cookie calling to me.

I wish you all the greatest success in this journey, I know ii is not easy, I have done it too many times to think that.

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