Bowflex Blaze Review

bowflex blaze review

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The BowFlex BlazeToday’s article will be a Bowflex Blaze Review.

With so many different kinds of exercise equipment on the market today it gets extremely confusing just trying to select one specific brand to check out and without trying them all out how in the world can you choose one?

We have made that part simple for everyone by choosing our preference for the Bowflex brand in our last article The Best Home Workout Equipment For Weight Loss as the product of choice both from personal experience and detailed research.

Today will be the first of three Bowlex product reviews articles we will post and we hope they help you in picking a good exercise product!

At the end of this review, we will give you our view of this product!

The reason we picked exercise equipment to review at this time is because of the recent lockdown involving the Corona Virus. With people stuck at home for the last month, many are complaining that they are gaining weight and we are experiencing the same results ourselves!

What better time to start thinking about weight loss instead of weight gain!

So let’s get started and check this baby out and see what it is all about!

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Bowflex Blaze

This is really an incredible machine in that not only like all of the Bowflex products, it takes up very little space both in use and in storage and it has very low resistance on a person’s joints due to the design of the machine, it is also considered great for almost everyone as it is built for the beginner to the moderate user.

Blaze comes with a detailed instruction manual and a 20 minute DVD to help explain the many different exercises you can perform on this machine and it also gives you some tips on how to develop your body and keep it in shape.

What we like the best is that the company has been around for a very long time and their products are respected in the weight loss and exercise niche.

The Exercises

The best thing about this machine is how versatile it is.

You will be able to do over 60 different exercises using this machine and will be able to choose either a complete body workout of concentrate on individual areas, your choice!!

For example, you can work on the following:

  • Back
  • Arms
  • Shoulders
  • Legs Chest
  • Core body

These exercises are all though what is called resistance lifting and have been proven to be the least stressful on the body’s joints.

Instead of heave weights, the Bowflex uses resistance bands that are smooth and easy on the body!

You can do all types of lifting, aerobic rowing, squats, flat, incline and decline press, back extensions and pull-downs, curls and triceps pushdowns, ab crunches, shrugs, trunk rotations and many more types of exercises.

All of these exercises are explained in the owners manual and on the enclosed DVD and you will also be able to get even more information just by Googling the product as there are many different exercise programs available that involve using this piece of exercise equipment.

This product has a 5-year free replacement warranty on the power rods and a one-year warranty on the framework of the machine.

Our view

This is an awesome machine and a great way to get in shape and stay in shape at an affordable price!

We like how versatile it is and like how the company has an outstanding reputation and we find it a great choice in exercise equipment.

There are plenty of options for just about any exercise program and the machine comes with detailed instructions in both video and written form.

We give this product a very big thumbs up and you can find more info on pricing and availability of the Bowflex Blaze here!

We hope our Bowflex Blaze Review helps you in your quest for the right exercise machine for you and if you have any questions or just want to leave us a comment please do so in the comments section below and we will get back to you right away!

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