Bowflex Treadclimber Review

bowflex Treadclimber review

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Bowflex TreadclimberToday’s article will be a Bowflex Treadclimber Review.

With everyone in lockdown mode because of the recent bout with the Corona Virus what better time to start looking at a great way to get back in shape and stay that way!

Many people are dealing with being shut in right now and the choices are limited and this tends to lead to excessive eating and putting on the pounds and e all know how hard they are to get back off!

We chose this product because of the company’s reputation and how popular it is and because it is a cross between a treadmill and a stepping machine so this makes it very versatile for people to use.

Before we all end up having more of us to love than we really would like, let’s check out this machine and see if it is an option for staying in shape.

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What is the Bowflex Treadclimber

This is a machine that is made for walking and is really a cross between a stair stepper and a treadmill.

It is the top choice by professionals for cardio workouts with a very low impact on the body.

It is produced and created by Bowflex, a company that has been in business for over 30 years and is tops in its niche.

We like this machine because it is so user friendly and great for people who are older or have lower back or knee issues but still desire a good low impact workout.

The Treadle

This machine has what they call a treadle design which means it has a separate treadmill per foot giving the elliptical feeling along with the regular treadmill feel, thus allowing for both a stair stepper and a regular treadmill workout.

Each treadle has a shock absorber to cushion your steps, unlike regular stair steppers and treadmills.

There are two models available in this machine, the TC 100 and the TC 200.

There are differences between the two including a huge difference in price between the TC 100 and the TC 200.

Both units offer :

  • Water bottle holder
  • Built-in USB charging port for your devices
  • User profiles
  • Adjustable speed from .5 – 4 mph
  • Heart rate handgrips
  • Media shelf

Both units come with a digital display that shows calories, heart rate, and distance and time goals, with the TC 100 allowing 2 user profiles while the TC 200 allows up to four user profiles.

The TC 200 also allows the choice of either using the onboard heart rate monitor or an accessory belt monitor and the TC 200 has a much larger media shelf than the TC 100 model.

Both models offer blue tooth hookups so you can use many different exercise apps and it is an awesome way to keep track of all your fitness goals in one place!

The TC 100 has a two-year warranty and the TC 200 has a warranty of 3 years, and this covers the entire machine with 90 days on labor.

In our opinion, if we were in the market to buy this product we would recommend the TC 100 as it is by far the best buy for the money.

We feel the differences between the two model is too little to justify the more expensive price tag of the TC 200.

All in all, we love both models and have enjoyed checking them out and would not hesitate to use either one of these in a day to day workout program!

Our view

The TC 100 is our choice out of these two machines as we love the price and feel this is the one to go with for people looking for a low impact indoor option for working out.

We give this model a thumbs up and would recommend it to anyone who is in the market for this type of exercise machine.

You can check out both models here!

We hope our Bowflex Treadclimber Review explained the differences in the TC 100 and the TC 200 and we hope we answered all of your questions about this machine.

If you have any questions we might have missed or if you just want to leave us a comment or any experience you may have with this product please do so in the comments section below!

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