Bullworker Bow Classic

Bullworker Bow Classic Review – A Legend in The Fitness Industry

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Bullworker Bow ClassicToday we will be doing a Bullworker Bow Classic Review,  a Legend in the Fitness Industry

This is the second in a series of five reviews of this company and its products.

With the uncertainty of the virus and the hesitation for many to visit the local gyms, if one can even be found that is open, setting oneself up with their very own affordable portable home gym system is a blessing and this company is a perfect fit for achieving that goal!

Given the choice of working out in the privacy of your own home on your own equipment that you can both store easily and afford versus the waiting in line and sharing of equipment and just being around strangers and risking the chance of infection, we are pretty sure the home gym is the ticket!

SO let’s take a look at the Bow Classic and see if it is a good fit for your at-home fitness program!

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Bullworker Bull Classic

This is a very affordable unit that has a 75-pound mainspring and a set of five different resistance springs that range from 0 to 130 pounds or 0 to 160 pounds and it allows you to target and work out all groups of muscles using a proven method of isometric principles.

The unit has comfortable rubber grips that do not allow slippage when exercising.

Your workouts will consist of 7-second intervals, making it possible for just about anyone to use this device.

It comes with its own carrying case and instruction chart and is warrantied for two years.

This is a proven method of exercise that uses resistance training. It is for safe fat burning and muscle building and the best thing about this unit is it is so portable you can use it anywhere, including outside!

If you are looking for low impact training that works fast and is safe, this is your unit!

You can visit Bullworker for ordering information and pricing.

Our view

We hope you have enjoyed our review of the Bullworker Bow Classic, and we hope we answered any questions you may have, but if you have any lingering questions still left unanswered, or you just want to leave us a comment please do so in the comments section below!

We give this product a thumbs up and recommend it for people who want to build muscle groups safely. It is affordable, portable, and safe to use and that makes it a winner in our book!

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