Can I Lose Weight Without Exercise?

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Exercise vs Diet for weight loss
Which works best: diet or exercise

Can I lose weight without exercise you ask?

Well, the answer can be a yes and it can also be a no. Are you confused yet? We kind of thought you would be and if you take the answers on the surface value you will not know the reasoning behind the different answers to the same question.

It really depends on who you ask this question because some people will say yes and some will say no so we chose to take a deeper look into the answers instead of just accepting them on their surface value.

Check out what we found in our search to get a solid answer to this question!

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Facts on losing weight

There are many ways to lose weight without exercising and many people get great results using them but in the long run, the weight ends up coming back two-fold.

Many of the popular diets can fool you. Most people are impatient and what they want as fast as they can get it, and losing weight is no different.

All these diets have one thing in common, the first thing they do is eliminate bad carbs and when you eliminate the bad carbs the weight comes off regardless of whether you exercise or not. Your body will begin to burn excess fat instead of the bad carbs.

This in no way reflects how healthy you are just because you have dropped the body fat and because you did not make a permanent lifestyle change by changing the way you eat to reflect the future.

You will go back to the bad carbs as soon as you reach your target weight 9 out of 10 times and the weight comes right back, and many times it comes back with a vengeance!

So, now we understand that there are two answers to this question, both yes and no.

The people pushing the diet programs are saying yes you can lose weight without exercise and many of today’s diets are front-loaded with the ways to do this and they use this to prove their claims like low carbs, no carbs, and the likes.

You also have the doctors and weight loss experts saying no you can not lose weight without exercise because they claim that is it really lost weight if you gain it back as soon as you stop using the methods you lost it?

Well, technically they are both correct, you can lose it, but you 9 times out of 10 will gain it right back and usually more.

Which to choose or both?So, exercise or no exercise?

What we recommend is in line with the second answer above, do not rely on just dieting to lose weight but incorporate a complete program involving a weight loss program that consists of the following ingredients.

A weight loss program that is set up around a new lifestyle that includes modified eating habits, a good exercise program and a maintenance program for after you reach your target weight so you can keep that weight off.

Many times this includes working with your doctor and even a life coach to achieve these results, depending on your situation.

If you are just a little overweight and want to trim down and improve your health this will be easier than if you are more overweight and have any underlying conditions like diabetes or heart disease.

It pays to use everything at your disposal an approach this with an open mind and the willingness to try new things.

Our view

It is easy to grab something because of how it sounds and the weight loss industry are all pros at telling you what you want to hear to sell their products.

We stress approaching this from the cautious side rather than the impulsive side, as these companies make most of their money by returning customers!

We hope our article “Can I Lose Weight Without Exercise? ” helps you understand how important it is to think a weight loss program though and get the advice you need before getting started.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below in the comments section and we will get back to you promptly!

Check out what we believe is the best way to lose weight safely and keep it off without having to do too many extra workouts! You will be glad you made this choice!]

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