The Best Home Workout Equipment For Weight Loss

The Best Home Workout Equipment for Weight Loss

Bowflex The First ChoiceToday we will be taking a look at The Best Home Workout Equipment For Weight Loss.

There is a plethora of equipment available by all sorts of companies that claim they are the best thing out there for helping you lose weight and stay in shape but how many are really worth the money?

That is the million-dollar question and while we will not be able to answer that question with complete certainty as everyone’s needs are different what we will do is point out what you should be looking for when shopping the market for exercise equipment.

So we will cover what to look for and what not to look for when shopping for these products and then we will give you our view at the end of this article on what product we think would qualify as the best for our money!

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What Is The Best Diet To Lose Belly Fat For Women

Best diet to lose belly fat for womenFirst off, what is the definition of a diet? It can mean many things to many people.

To many, it means a regimen of eating and drinking sparingly, to reduce one’s weight. This is Webster’s definition.

A diet to me is, a diet should be a holistic in nature. It means something provided or experienced repeatedly. Based on my definition, what is the best diet to lose belly fat for women, is what I will now lay out for you.

Why Do We Want To Lose Belly Fat

Belly fat is primarily visceral fat, which packs itself in around our vital organs. Visceral fat is a very active fat. It produces chemicals (cytokines), that can over time, increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, increase hypertension, up the risk of type 2 diabetes, and lead to breast and colorectal cancers.

Besides being unsightly, along with subcutaneous fat, it has no positive value to the human body.

What is the best way to lose belly fat, you ask? Of course, the best answer is to lose weight. Duh, that was a real no brainer. Much easier said than done. I can definitely attest to that.

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How To Exercise and Lose Belly Fat Fast

How to exercise and lose belly fat fastEverybody is looking for a way to shed pounds and lose the belly fat fast. Of course, fast is a relative term and it might never be quick enough for some.

This article on how to exercise and lose belly fat fast is going to emphasize, what I consider, a realistic approach to this problem.

I hope to structure this program is such a way that it is a real life opportunity for all of us over weight individuals, male or female.

Exercise Program Design

Design an exercise program that fits into you schedule and is sustainable. The best components of this program should incorporate:

  • Development of an aerobics program:

1. Walk – 30 minutes of walking per day will greatly aid weight loss and relieve stress in the body and mind. Seek to complete 150 – 210 minutes per week

2. Elevate you heart rate and breathing – strive to do this for short intervals, a fast burn and than cool your jets for 5 minutes. Strive for 3 – 5 short intervals per day.

3. I am lucky to have purchased a recumbent bike a number of years ago. If you have a bike, treadmill, elliptical

machine, or rowing machine,  by all means, include them into you fat loss routine.

  1. Development of a resistance program:

1. A simple body weight program is all that is needed, when exercising from home. The program should include:

a. Lower body work – this can be done by simple body squats and lunges

b. Upper body work – I use push-ups and pull ups to accomplish this at home

2. If you are fortunate enough to have some free weights and resistance bands, you can create a program to compete with anything that you might do at a gym. Simply log onto YouTube or google and they will give you all the moves that you will need to work out various muscle groups.

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Can I Lose Weight Without Exercise?

Exercise vs Diet for weight loss
Which works best: diet or exercise

Can I lose weight without exercise you ask?

Well, the answer can be a yes and it can also be a no. Are you confused yet? We kind of thought you would be and if you take the answers on the surface value you will not know the reasoning behind the different answers to the same question.

It really depends on who you ask this question because some people will say yes and some will say no so we chose to take a deeper look into the answers instead of just accepting them on their surface value.

Check out what we found in our search to get a solid answer to this question!

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Are Diet Pills Safe?

What are Diet PillsToday’s article will address the question, “Are diet pills safe?”

With so many different kinds of diet programs and products on the market today we have to start taking a look at them individually and ask the right questions to ensure our safety.

As you should be aware of there are many companies out there that are just interested in getting you money so we will continually take a look at products and programs and give you our opinion on what we think about them.

Let’s start with finding out what diet pills are and then we can look at how safe they are.

Hopefully, today we can answer any questions you might have about diet pills!

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