DIY Diet Plan

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DIY Diet PlanOK, you just took a hard look at yourself in the mirror, and didn’t like what you saw. You are overweight, pallid, soft, and generally, not attractive.

You know underneath that subcutaneous fat, is a good looking, vibrant individual. The big question is how to bring that person out to meet the world.

I need to devise a self-improvement plan, “Operation Me”, and get to where I want to be in my body. I know that this might be easier said then done, but this is my life I am talking about and no one is going to do it for me. Time to follow the popular phrase, “if it is to be, it is up to me”, and get with the program.

Be Accountable to yourself

Nobody opened your mouth and shoved food down your throat but you. Time to get serious and start:

  • Ditch all the hidden sugars. Start reading the labels and hunt out all those processed sugars in the product
  • Drink 1/2 your weight in ounces of water daily. Not only is it good for you, hdrates the body, but also will curb your appetite
  • Eat real, whole foods as much as possible. These don’t all have to be fresh, as many frozen foods are just as good as the fresh
  • Eliminate the cheat day. Many diets offer one or two free days to spluge, when on a particular diet program. Forget that and remember how hard it was to lose the weight, to get where you are
  • Make sleep a priority in your schedule. The body needs to cycle down and replenish its self. It is a great way to de-stress
  • Be Flexible in your plan. Not everything will go according to your wishes or schedule. You might lose weight one day and not the next. keep to the progam, think long term, not day to day.
  • Set realistic goals and time frames. You didn’t gain your weight in one week, nor will you lose it in one week.
  • Be your own cheerleader and celebrate your successes.

Devise your diet planDevise a Diet and Exercise Plan that Works for You

This is your personal weight loss and fitness program you are creating. It should be created to fit your particular needs and goals.

In creating this diet and exercise program, it should include some of the following dietary parameters:

  • High in Fiber rich foods – Studies have shown that diets high in fiber lose a considerable amount of fat, compared to those low in fiber. It is more filling and lasts longer in the body. It will also help in eliminating toxins in your digestive system.
  • Low Glycemic foods are a must in this diet. Low glycemic foods have been shown, in multiple studies, to burn more fat. A diet full of high glycemic foods will naturally store more fat than a low glycemic diet. Also, low glycemic foods are generally not as processed as high ones
  • Maintain an Anti-imflammatory diet – Inflammation and obesity go hand in hand. Junk foods causes body inflammation, so do added sugars
  • Eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables – some might be higher in sugar than you might want, but they are all complex carbohydrates, and much better for you than the sugar addititives
  • Develop a low saturated fat diet – Saturated fats trigger the same addictive tendencies as sugar in the body. The are both equally bad for you

Slowly adopting each of these will help you lose weight.

Exercise and fitness goals should include:

  • Develop a daily walking routine – daily walking, especially after eating, is a great way to control fat absorbtion
  • Resistance Training – nothing seems better for us, at all ages, than resistance training. The more muscle fiber that we build, the more calories we will burn each day. I use a simple program of body weight and resistance band training, that I do at home. This is especially critical during our corona virus pandemic.
  • Balance Training – this is especially critical for us as we age. One of my great fears is falling, especially when I am alone. I did this last winter and cracked three ribs. I lay in my driveway for awhile, before I received some help.
  • You do not have to be a body builder, just develop a level of fitness that you are comfortable with and like the look of yourself
  • Develop a taste for apple cider vinegar,  it is a great vehicle to block carb absorbtion in the body


New DIY Diet PlanThis is not Rocket Science

Honestly folks, there is nothing secret or hidden in the path to weight loss. We all know what got us to this point. Many of us who have reached this point, have been here before. It is an issue that many who get treatment for obesity don’t stick to it.

We should not look at weight loss as an option, but see it as something that we need to get done. It is the visceral fat around our organs that is the problem and that can only be reduced by eating fewer calories than we are consuming.

In conclusion

I will leave you with two (2) well know phrases from our modern society: “If it is too be, it is up to me” and “Just Do it”.  Become a hot-blooded,  fat burning person you always wanted to be.

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