Does Yoga Help You Lose Belly Fat

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This was an interesting question that was posed to me recently, does yoga help you lose belly fat?  I must admit, my knowledge of Yoga was very rudimentally, at best. So I felt it was best to bone up on the topic of Yoga. The following is what I found:

What is Yoga

Yoga is an old discipline, emanating from India. It incorporates both the spiritual and physical realms. It uses breathing techniques, exercises, and meditation as it helps to improve the health and happiness of the practitioner.

Its primary focus is to foster harmony in the mind, body, and environment. Yoga pursues a complete system of spiritual, social, mental, and physical development.

There are types of Yoga, but for my purposes, I will lump them together to show you how to use Yoga to lose belly fat.

What Causes Belly Fat Gain

Belly fat is the end product of a number of factors:

  • Poor Diet
  • Stress
  • Low activity or exercise
  • Poor Lifestyle
  • Too Much alcohol
  • Poor sleep habits
  • Smoking

In most instances of belly fat gain, there is no one factor at play; but, a combination of the above areas. In our modern culture, most of these are present, in varying degrees.

What are the consequences of Belly Fat

Other than being unsightly and lowering our self-esteem, there are a number of negative factors at play here:

  • Heart discease
  • Heart attacks
  • Strokes
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Colon Cancer
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Dementia

Not a pretty list to have facing us.

Yoga and belly fat lossHow does Yoga help to eliminate Belly Fat

Yoga and a balanced diet lead to weight loss. There is no shortcut to getting rid of the visceral fat around you middle. A proper diet, coupled with a good fitness routine will lead to a long term reduction of belly fat. Yoga not only helps decrease the visceral fat, but it also allows you body and mind to rejuvenate.

Active, intense styles of yoga will help you burn the most calories. There are a number of Asanas that are identified to help you lose belly fat. (I, for me, know that planks are a great way to tighten up all parts of you body).

Bikeam and hot yoga are recommended for a high caloric burn. These yogas involve increasingly difficult positions, that cause you heart rate to soar. Add this to the stress of a heated room and you will burn more calories. Look for classes that use more poses incorporating the large muscle groups. This will up you caloric burn rate.

Basically, you are doing a body weight exercises. In challenging poses, to strengthen and tone muscles.

Sleep, stress levels, nutrition, and lifestyle all have a very large bearing on you belly fat loss.

Benefits of Yoga on Belly Fat Loss

The following are a number of benefits that yoga will have on you belly fat loss journey:

  • Improved flexibility, increased muscle strength, and balance
  • Increased blood flow, ups you heart rate
  • lowers blood pressure, relaxes you system
  • helps you focus, and makes you happier
  • regulates you adrenal glands, moderating you cortisol levels
  • helps to prevent IBS and other digestive issues
  • encourages self-care

In Conclusion

Yoga is a generally milder form of exercise, that encompasses the physical with meditation, to eliminate body fat. Taken as a whole, it offers a concrete path to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

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