How to Detox and Lose Belly Fat

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Detox and lose belly fatHow to detox and lose belly fat is currently a hot button issue for many people. Forgetting what the added bulk does to our appearance, medical opinions are aligned with the elimination of visceral fat. All across Facebook and online forums, people are searching for a quick fix to this problem. Individual detoxes have surfaced recently as a means to eliminate belly fat. The big question is how do we approach detox and belly fat.

What does Detox mean for belly fat loss?

A detox can mean many things to people:

  • Consuming pills
  • drinking chemicals
  • cleanse
  • fasting
  • diet
  • lifestyle change

First off, I am no proponent of pills and chemicals, as a detox methodology. Yes, they have shown some short term results, but the long term side effects, in most cases, are not worth taking.

I feel that cleansing, fasting, diet, and lifestyle changes offer a much safer and longer lasting option.

As with everything in our culture, people are seeking the “magic bullet”, the quick fix. Sorry folks, you got yourself into this fix, and it isn’t going to change quickly.

Digestive Imflammation

One area that I feel needs some attention is our battles with our digestive track. I have long suffered with IBS and digestive inflammation. This has led to a long battle with losing belly fat. Once I started to make headway into mitigating my IBS and digestive issues, my belly fat and weight started to drop off.

A hard look at one’s diet, to eliminate diet choices that lead to digestive inflammation, will go a long way to helping you eliminate belly fat.

Treat your gut right, and it will reciprocate, faster that you can imagine.

Intermittent Fasting

I have become a practitioner of IM (intermittent fasting) as a means to detox my body and ease some burdens on my digestive system.

I am not a proponent of the 4-20 system, eat for four hours and fast for 20. I felt that was to harsh and stressful on my system.

I have had great success with and 8-16 system, eat for eight hours and fast for sixteen. This works well because I eat from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and that fast. I am sleeping from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am normally, so it works very well on my system. At least once a week, I do a 6-18, just for a fat loss burn.

Working this system helps to detox the body while I am fasting and has really regulated my digestive system.

I also do a 24 hour cleanse twice a month. This might sound harsh to some of you; but, it is amazing how you feel after completing a cleanse. It is almost like being new person!

Belly Fat DetoxDiet, Lifestyle Change, and Natural Detox

No detox would be complete without developing a thorough and comprehensive hydration routine. I drink half my body weight, in ounces, of H20 each day. Water, in of itself, is great for you. I combine mine with fruits and vegetables. This is nature’s natural detox. It simply is a great way to purge toxic chemicals and free radicals from our body that prevent us from losing belly fat. There simply nothing good about belly fat, it is a repository of toxic chemicals that do us great harm, if not eliminated.

In Conclusion

Detox and belly fat loss will not be easy, if it was, companies wouldn’t be making billions selling us cures. It can be accomplished, you have it in you to do it, you want to do it, your body wants you to do it, SO JUST DO IT!

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