How To Exercise And Lose Belly Fat Fast

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how to exercise and lose belly fatOne would think it would be easy to figure out how to exercise and lose weight but if only it were that easy!

Just exercise alone is not a weight loss plan and in fact, it can result in the opposite and that would be exactly what we are not trying to accomplish!

How can this be?

Well, we will explore all of this and more in this article and by the end of it, we should all be a bit more informed on how weight loss, diet, and personal choices all affect how we lose and maintain weight loss in our lives.

So grab a snack, (after this article you may have a whole new idea about snacking) and enjoy our article and at the end if you feel so inclined please leave us a comment or any questions you may have as we love hearing from our readers!

We will promptly respond, and on that note lets us get started!

Exercising for weight loss

Most people who approach weight loss for the first time just figure they will start an exercise program and that will take care of many of their worries related to their weight gain.

If only it were that easy!

For most people, this topic arises as we age because weight gain and aging go hand in hand.

The body changes as we age and become less efficient at burning fat and at the same time our eating habits do not, or they get worse as we go for the quick and easy processed foods of today over the healthier, whole food products.

All of a sudden we wake up one morning after a health scare, or a good look in the mirror, or even after viewing a recent picture that was unfavorable and not to our liking and the battle is on!

We tell ourselves OK, off to the gym and time to take back our y6outhful body, but it very seldom works out this way.

All that ends up happening is we make others a great deal of money trying to combat a weight problem without the knowledge to do it, and believe us, the companies that pump all of these weight loss programs know exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it.

They are in the money business, period!

Their job is to make money off of your problems and hopes, and this is the sad part of the free-market world, but fortunately, you have us here to inform you of what really works and what does not!

How to really lose weight

great exercises to lose belly fatBefore running out and either joining or buying the latest weight loss program, or that membership at your local gym you must first understand what it really takes to lose weight, and how these companies can get away with pushing their junk programs at you every day.

These companies know all about how the body reacts to things, and they make these crazy claims of losing so many pounds in a few days because they know they can get you to have those results, but not for the reasons you are thinking.

You are not burning fat and you are not losing any bodyweight at all, you are losing water weight that will be put back on, guaranteed!

The first thing you will lose is water weight, and it can look really good on your scale, but it is always temporary, and they do not tell you this, because you would not be so eager to buy their products if they did!

Any diet or weight loss program that mixes their special powders and promises fast weight loss is 99 percent of the time completely bogus, period!

If you want to really lose weight in a healthy manner and do it with lasting results read on and we will give you the information you need to do it the right way, not the fast and furious way!

Losing weight in a healthy way

The only way to lose weight correctly is to first and foremost, adjust your eating habits to reflect what you are trying to accomplish, and then you can take a look at your exercise goals.

If a person starts to exercise without first assessing why they are overweight, it could not only backfire, it could turn deadly!

If a persons’ state of health is not good the last thing they may need is exercise.

For example, John is 50 pounds overweight and he has gained it over the course of the last 2 years, and one day he looked in the mirror and said to himself, “I feel lousy and I look lousy and I am going to do something about it!”

So, John goes and joins a gym to work out, thinking it is what he needs and in reality, he gained all his excess weight because his heart was not working properly, thus the added exertion from working out actually caused a stroke for John!

This is just one of many examples we could show you here, but the point is you must always go and get the OK from your doctor first and foremost before starting either a diet or an exercise plan to make sure you are not going to endanger your health!

Once cleared to get started by your doctor the best way to lose weight is slow and steady, not fast and furious!

Studies prove that people who lose weight gradually will keep it off and people who go for broke and up gaining more than they lost!


So, to recap our article, if you are looking to lose weight before you take any action to see your doctor and make sure you are going in the right direction!

Once cleared be sure to check back and catch some of our articles on what diets and what exercise programs are worth their weight in gold, and which ones to run from at top speed!

Thanks for checking out our article and we hope it helps you in your quest for better health!

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