How To Lose Weight With No Money - And I Don't Mean Starve

How to Lose Weight With No Money- And I Don’t Mean Starve

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how to lose weight with no moneyLooking at the title of this post, how to lose weight with no money, it would seem to be a no brainer: Don’t eat and you will lose weight and not spend a penny.

While this might seem to be an obvious solution, it is not a very practical solution for a problem many of us are currently facing. Job loss equates to a significant lack of income and as much as it is nice for our government to pitch in (I haven’t seen my check yet), it will not cover all out expenses.

No matter how much we want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and continue to lose weight, we just aren’t going to continue to maintain a gym membership, when they open and continue to purchase meal replacement plans.

Weight loss Cost/Benefit Analysis of Programs and Diet Pills

Weight loss programs and diet supplements can come with a significant price tag, as well. Let me give you an idea of the cost of some programs and pills.

  • Weight Watchers – a popular program that advertises a low -cost approach to weight loss. The annualized cost is approximately $377.00. The average pounds lost is 5lbs per year. This equates to a cost of $75.40/lb of weight loss
  • V trim – Another popular program touting significant weight loss. It’s the annualized cost is $682.00. The average pounds lost is 7lbs per year. This equates to $97.42/lb of weight loss
  • Jenny Craig – This an extremely popular weight loss program that comes with planned meals. The annualized cost is approximately $2500 (the high cost of the food). The average pounds lost is 16lbs per year. This equates to $156.25/lb of weight loss
  • Lorcaserin – A diet pill, FDA approved, for an appetite suppressing. The annualized cost is approximately $1743.00. The average pounds lost is 7lbs. This equates to $249.00/lb of weight loss
  • Orlistat – Probably better know as Alli Diet Pills. The annualized cost is approximately $1518.00. The average pounds lost is 6lbs. This equates to $253.00/lb of weight loss
  • Qsmia – FDA approved appetite suppressant. The annualized cost is approximately$1336.00. The average pounds lost is 15lbs. This equates to $89.10/lb of weight loss

OK, I think that I have made my point here. Losing weight can be an expensive way to live life. It is no wonder that the weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar business.

What can we do to lose weight when we have little or no money to spend on these weight loss programs or diet pills. This is what I would like to explore in this next section of this post.

Create Your Own Fitness Program

As many of you know, if you have read any of my previous posts, I am a firm advocate of bodyweight training. This is an inexpensive and simplistic way to lose weight. You do not need any equipment, other than what God provided us with.

Some main components of bodyweight training are:

If you performed these basic exercises on a continuous basis, rotating from upper to lower body, you would get yourself into shape and lose weight.

I have also created some of my own weight loss equipment. I created my own kettlebell sets, by watching a YouTube video.   This was a very low-cost way for me to acquire a piece of exercise equipment that I use almost every day.

YouTube should be a valuable member of your new weight loss program. It is free and you can find out almost anything you need to perform various workout regimes and watch exactly how to do them that will provide you with most “bang for your time”, so to speak.

Cayenne PepperWeight Loss Supplements

Now, I am not here to push any high-cost diet pills at you, but there are natural energy boosters that will help you elevate your metabolism and burn calories.

  • Caffeine – This probably one that everyone knows about. The morning pick me up to boost your metabolism
  • Green Tea – This also is a caffeine provider, that comes with a variety of other helpful ingredients. Green tea extract has long been touted as a metabolic booster, but green tea will work without paying for the green tea extract pills
  • Soluble fiber – We all need the fiber for the proper functioning of our digestive system. It also provides additional help by helping to eliminate carbs
  • Chromium – This is a mineral noted to help with carb blocking and overall body functioning
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – This product has been mentioned for hundreds of years for its overall benefits for the body. Is there clear evidence that it helps weight loss, I don’t know. What I do know if that my system runs a lot better when I take a teaspoon a day
  • Coconut oil – Another oil that is touted as being excellent for us to use. I have switched to the use of coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil in all my recipes
  • Cayenne Pepper – Definitely will zip up the old metabolism when added to your favorite recipes and burn some excess calories

Money and Dietary Stress

It is all well and good for all the health food

pundits to stress that we need to eat healthier and divest ourselves from fast and prepackaged foods.

Try to find healthier foods and health foods on sale. The cheapest menu items, that are available, are usually the worst for our waistline. It’s a very difficult choice to make when you have x amount of dollars and y amount of mouths to feed.

My goal is always to eat as green as possible. This may not be an issue if meat plants keep closing. I seek to fill my plate and diet with as much nutrient-dense food as possible. I suppose in this case I am practicing a Volumetric Diet, which espouses the consumption of lots of green filler material.

Do your best to limit the stress, as this will only compound your weight loss issues. Navigate toward the best alternatives that you can find, eat as much natural and green that is monetarily available, and get on with your life. This is all that you can do at the moment.

In Conclusion

Losing weight is a difficult mission, under the best of conditions. To tackle this problem when economically challenged, can be daunting. In man cases, just maintaining the status quo would be great. You can still work on your body, whenever possible, by losing weight, might be a bit to ask for. Unless, of course, we go for the full fasting mode, not eating period, lol.

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