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Noom ReviewToday’s article will be Noom review.

Everyone has been talking about this diet and raving about the results so we felt a review was in order.

This diet is a weight loss app that is quickly becoming the diet of choice for most Millenials and others are following in their footsteps!

Is this diet app all it is cracked up to be and does it work?

Those and other questions will be covered in this review.

We will take a look at this diet app and see how and why it does or does not indeed work and at the end of this review, we will give you our view of this program.

After looking up all of the diet choices at Wikipedia and not finding this one there, we went straight to their website and went through the whole process ourselves.

The following is what we found, enjoy the read!


The Noom Diet

This is a diet program unlike any other in that it not only promotes healthy living, but it also approaches weight loss from a side of thinking that most other programs lack, how to change your thinking and lifestyle to make the results permanent in your life.

When you first open their website you will be asked to make a choice of getting fit for good or lose weight for good.

We clicked on the getting fit for good choice first and the next screen asked us what our ideal weight we want to reach so we put in our figure and clicked next.

The next screen asked us our height and weight so we added that information and clicked next again. It then asked for our gender and age.

The next screen told us that “Noom creates long-term results through habit and behavior change, not restrictive dieting” and showed the tab got it so we clicked on that.

To make this review a bit shorter you will go through an assortment of questions and the end result will be a tailored diet plan created specifically for you based on your answers.

A simple process that tailors your very own personal diet plan, what a concept!

We started on their website but we soon moved to their app, as it is set up for daily use and you can take it with you on your phone, which is very convenient!

What next?

Noom ProgramWhen you get to the end of the screening you will have a choice to join and see your personal plan. Your choices will be $1, $3, $10 or the cost of the first 2 weeks, $ 18.37

We clicked a dollar and it offered us the complete plan to reach our target weight and other goals we set in our screening for a total cost of $129

So far we are very impressed with this program so we went back to the internet and looked up more information on just what to expect from our personal plan and this is what we found.

Once you join you will be assigned a daily calorie count and a coach!

Just a note on the coaches this company assigns, they are trained by an accredited university in what is called ‘core lifestyle coach training’ and They also have training weekly.

A bachelor’s or associate’s degree in a related area is also required and they need at least 2000 hours of hands-on experience.

These coaches are qualified and hands down better than any other weight loss program we have ever encountered!

Your personal diet

Now that you have a personal coach, a calorie limit per day, and your own personal diet plan to follow, where do you go from here?

The diet program will walk you through every day with a checklist, a weigh-in, and some reading materials to help you with your personal program.

It is set up to be fun and informative at the same time, and very motivational and you will have access to your personal coach along with a support group who will help you with all aspects of your program.

This diet program is set up for total success by teaching lifestyle change along with good eating habits all with all the support necessary to achieve the end goal!

What kinds of foods can I eat?

The great thing about this diet is you can eat all kinds of different foods, you just need to follow the right amounts.

They break down food into three groups they call red, yellow, and green, and they stress that the colors do not identify with good and bad, so green does not mean good, and red does not mean bad.

They recommend a balance of foods and they identify what foods belong in what groups and they recommend 45% from the yellow group, 30% from the green group, and 25% from the red group.

Our view

Get with the Noom ProgramThis is an all-in diet program that in our opinion is the best on the market.

It is backed by many clinical studies and has the approach that is the only proven method to work, a complete lifestyle change along with a controlled intake of the proper balance of foods the body needs.

A program that walks you through your very own personal plan and supplies all the training and materials along with the support you will ever need to reach your set goals gets a huge thumbs up from us!

We call this our number one recommendation for anyone who wants a structured method that is accountable and has a trained support staff and group setting.

Thanks for checking out our Noom review, we hope we covered enough of the program to help you decide if this is the one for you.

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