What About The Pegan Diet For Weight Loss

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It seems like every year we have a “latest and greatest” weight loss diet to examine and try out.  Each one seems to come with its own lifestyle adaptation,

The lastest and greatest new diet is the Pegan Diet, extolling the virtues of weight loss.   OK, this sounds interesting, it wasn’t even named after its creator, Dr. Mark Hyman. Ok, what is the pegan diet and is it good for weight loss?

Pegan Diet and Weight lossPegan Diet

Dr. Mark Hyman was a fan of low carb diets, like the Paleo Diet and the Keto Diet; but was also a proponent of vegetarianism. The Paleo Diet basically states that we should eat a diet similar to what our ancient ancestors did; high in meat and low in carbs, with a few extra fats thrown in.

A Vegetarian Diet basically relies on plant based foods and pans most grains, dairy, legumes, animal protein, and oils.

Dr. Hyman combined the best of the two diet worlds (Paleo and Vegetarianism) and created a diet, whereby you mostly eat plants, limiting starchy veggies and high sugar fruits. To this menu, he adds sustainable raised meat, mostly used as a condiment.

Nuts, seeds, and healthy fats are also considered necessary to this diet.

It is definitely a non-dairy and non-sugar diet. This diet also works to eliminate chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, dyes, artificial sweeteners, and any other toxins for our overall well-being. The Pegan Diet is also not a fan of GMO.

Its main goal is to choose sustainable raised, grown, or harvested foods. If you choose to fish, as a meat source, attempt to choose fish low in mercury and high in oil content, like sardines and wild caught salmon.

Clean eating, with an emphasis on whole foods rather than processed foods. It is going to be lower in sodium that the typical American diet. Low carb protein rich foods have helped me lose weight.

Benefits of a Pegan Diet

A lot of things in our modern diet cause low grade body inflammation. This low grade body inflammation is at the root of a lot of diseases from gut health to brain health. People very often neglect the gut-brain connection. Cutting out dairy and gluten for just a few weeks, can often be a good thing to reduce the bodies’ inflammation.


  • High in fruits and vegetables, which are full of dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals to reduce body stress and inflammation
  • The diet emphasizes healthy unsaturated fats, which will have a positive effect on overall health
  • Dependence on unprocessed foods, which will eliminate many of the dyes, toxins, sugars, and additives to our diet

Products on the “Do Not Eat” list

  • Dairy – cow’s milk, cheese
  • Gluten – All gluten containing grains
  • Gluten Free Grains
  • Legumes – most legumes are discouraged, but some may be eaten
  • Sugar – Any form of sugar
  • Food Additives

Negatives of a Pegan Diet

  • Many people feel that the diet places unnecessary restrictions on healthier foods, such as legumes, dairy, and whole grains.
  • Many worry that the elimination of these food groups can lead to nutrient deficiencies.
  • Significant prep time is needed for this diet, which can be an issue
  • This diet can also be more expensive, because of its reliance on fresh, organic, and sustainable foods, for the ordinary individual

Does the Pegan Diet Lead to Weight Loss

In this particular case, I can use my own experiences with this diet. I am a proponent of low carb, high protein eating. I have been down both the Keto and Paleo path, and had success with both.

My issue with both of them is that I am close to being a vegetarian, I know that sounds strange with my high protein love, but I dearly love my fruits and veggies.

I made the switch, because for me it satisfied both of my cravings. I have continued to lose weight, but more importantly, my digestive inflammation has abated. This has been a very big issue for me and had caused me extreme distress over the years.

In conclusion

diet works for me, will it work for you? Only you can tell by trying it out and see how you feel. The key to weight loss with this diet, as with all diets, do you enjoy it enough to stick with it.

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