South Beach Diet Review

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South Beach DietToday’s article will be a South Beach Diet Review.

This diet has been called a fad by many experts and we believe it is anything but a fad, and we also know it works from personal experience.

While there are so many different fad diets out there right now because this program involves a lifestyle change for lasting results we can not put this into that category.

In this review will take a look at where it came from, who invented it and what the program is all about and at the end of this review, we will give our view on this product.

This diet was based on a bestselling book that was released in 2003 and has since had several new editions released and we will be basing our review on the latest edition along with some basic info on the company founder and why he started this program, and this is explained in detail in the book.

So let’s get started with our review!

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The South Beach Diet

During the 1990s Arthur Agatston, MD started work on creating his own healthy diet to combat diabetes and heart disease.

The doctor was from Miami, actually South Beach and that is where the name came from.

By 2003 the good doctor had completed his program and published it in his book, The South Beach Diet.

It took off like a bullet and is still going strong today.

 Get on the South Beach Dietiet What exactly is the South Beach Diet?

The idea is to cut out bad carbs like white bread, flour, and sugar, and concentrate on lean protein and healthy carbs like low-fat dairy, whole grain, fruits, and vegetables.

By cutting out the bad carbs you will be relieving one of the biggest diet culprits, hunger pains which tend to sabotage most diet efforts, and it eliminates the bulk of the foods responsible for excess fat in the body.

Once you make the change you will start seeing results rather quickly and before long you will start feeling really good both health-wise and image-wise and that is an awesome place to be!

How does this diet plan work?

You will work through three different phases of the program and each phase is explained in detail in the book. We will touch on them here to give an idea of what each phase consists of and explain a little bit why they are set up the way they are.

Phase One

This phase is a week-long and is the hardest part of the program and it eliminates all bad carbs and sugars for seven days to reset your body.

Phase one can be used anytime you need to step up your program in the future and it works.

While it may sound impossible to cut all bad carbs and sugars out of you diet it opens your eyes to how much of these are in our daily diet and the results of this phase are seen immediately in weight loss.

Phase Two

This phase adds whole grains and fruits back into your diet and this phase can last as long as it takes to reach your weight goal.

They are called good carbs and they will open your eyes to all the good foods one can eat on this diet plan.

Phase two is full of carbohydrate-rich foods that are loaded in fiber and they work well with the body.

South Beach Diet - one of the bestPhase Three

They call this the maintenance phase as it is how you will eat the rest of your life as part of your complete lifestyle change.

You can start any phase over again depending on where you are at, if you slip back into old habits you may have to back to phase one and start over.

One other thing we liked and that helped us in this program was the ability to snack throughout the day on healthy choices anytime we felt hunger pains.

This process is explained in detail in the book and is a big part of why this diet program works!

While this is just a brief overview of the phases and by reading the book you will get a complete detailed explanation of the foods involved, the reasons for those foods, and how your body will respond to each phase.

There are a series of cookbooks and companion books that go along with this program that can be either bought or checked out at any library that includes complete menus and incredibly delicious meals.

They also have a support group and an app that creates actual shopping lists for their cookbooks.

Our view

We have had great luck using this diet and lost over 80 pounds and have kept it off for going on 9 years.

It is a complete change of lifestyle program that has changed our lives and eliminated pre-diabetes and improved the heart health of the family.

We recommend this program to anyone who is willing to change how they eat, try new things and really wants to make a difference in their life.

Thanks for checking out our South Beach Diet Review and we hope it helps you in your quest for a healthy way to live!

If you are interested in checking out this diet we suggest you order the South Beach Diet book and get started on your lifestyle change!

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[If you are looking to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle and not be tied to any diet we have just what you are looking for! Check out our number one recommendation for hitting that target weight and staying there!]

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