Covid 19 and Weight Loss – Is It an Oxymoron?

Covid-19 and Weight Loss - Is It an Oxymoron

Covid 19 and Weight LossAs everyone is aware, the Covid-19 pandemic is upon us. The forecasts indicate that this will be with us for another two years, in its presently virulent form. This brings me to one of my main worries, Covid 19 and weight loss.

The Covid 19 pandemic necessitates most of us being confined, the vast majority of our time, indoors, generally in an apartment or home. I don’t think that I am much different from most people, in that when I am bored, I develop the munchies and snack on whatever is available that I can get my hands, at that moment.

For someone who is as weight-challenged as I am, this is not a great scenario. I am normally able to keep my weight in control by utilizing meal delivery programs, like BistroMD and Nutrisystem. These provide me with nutritious meals and snacks for each day;but, if I get bored and are near any dangerous foods (that being anything sweet and sugary, than everything goes out the window.

Sometimes a meal program that combines a mental aspect to it, like Noom, will help me conquer my cravings. Boredom and inactivity are real weight loss killers for me.

How do we conquer binge eating and also, binge watching TV? If I am sitting in front of the TV, then I know I will have something to munch on nearby. I know one obvious answer is to not have any detrimental foods in the house. I am not the only one living under this roof, so I am not always able to control what comes into the pantry.

I looked at everything and I have come up with a couple of thoughts on Covid 19 and weight loss.

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