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Best Diets 2020

Best Diets 2020In our ever-changing world of covid-19, diet plans have become very important to a wide variety of individuals. These individuals have found themselves house-bound, with little or nothing to do with their time and seek to find the best diets 2020.

I know that I am subject to consuming most anything when I am bored. I do not think that I am much different from the average person.

Yes, I have home exercise equipment, but I can only do so much of that, or so my body tells me. I have never been a gym rat, so I can’t say that I am in love with exercising, for the sake of exercising, endorphins, be damned.

I have the 21st century home tool box of electronic goodies: laptop, PC, iPad, iPhone, and cable TV. Now that the covid-19 pandemic has hit Hollywood, all my favorite shows are ending and a parade of old material is all that there is to watch.

All of this aims me toward the microwave, stove, fridge, and calling for takeout.

In desperation, I started searching for what are the best diets 2020. This is what I have discovered on my quest:

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