What Is The Best Diet To Lose Belly Fat

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Best diet to lose belly fatToday’s question, “What is the best diet to lose belly fat?” has so many different answers!

Depending on who you are asking will depend on what your answers will be. If you ask a doctor he or she will give you one answer, if you ask a marketer he or she will give you a different answer.


We understand and we are sure by the end of this article you will have a whole different outlook on how diets work and why they work.

This article will cover the above question and much more about the wonderful world of diets!

Before we get started lets set some guidelines for our discussion.

We will be talking about the popular diets on the market today and how they work and at the end of the article, we will give our answer to the above question based on our findings.

Fair enough? Well, let us get started then!

The many popular diets

Before we can even attempt to answer the question of which one is best, we must first understand what is out there to choose from!

The many different diets all offer ways of losing weight and how can one know if they work and how they work?

Let’s take a look and see if we can help!

we picked five of the most popular diets to look at and we will take a brief look at each of them and how they work.

so let’s go down our list and see what they have to offer!

The diets

We are just going to skim the surface of these diets and recommend checking back for a more detailed review of these and many more diets in the future as we will be covering these in future posts.

Our first diet to look at is the Atkins Diet.

This diet is a low carb, high-fat diet that puts the body in a state of ketosis by cutting out all carbs and sugars. What this means is the body will burn fat for energy instead of the sugars it gets from the carbohydrates and other foods rich in sugar that have been eliminated from your diet.

This is an effective way to lose weight and it works but you must do this under your doctor’s supervision to do it correctly, it is not for everyone and can actually be harmful to people with certain health issues so please see your doctor before starting any low carb, high-fat diet program!

The second diet we looked at is the Weight Watchers Diet.

We like this diet as it supplies you with not only a daily menu of foods to eat it also supplies you with the food!

This diet is good for just about anyone as it is set up to deliver the proper amount of nutrients and fats for a healthy diet without the hassle of having to calorie count or make up your own menus.

It also makes shopping very easy as it supplies you with all of the foods that you will need and it supplies personal coaches and support!

The third diet we took a look at was the Medierainian Diet and in our eyes, this is the best diet there is but you must be ready to eliminate almost all meats.

This can be a real problem for many people as this diet is really as close to a purely vegetarian diet there is, but the health results are incredible!

This is the number one recommended diet by doctors in the world and for good reason, it can drop cholesterol levels and is about as heart-healthy as possible!

The fourth diet we looked at was the South Beach Diet.

This diet is a spin-off of the Akins diet which starts out the same by cutting out carbs and replacing them with high-fat foods but then slowly introduces carbs back into the regular diet once your desired weight is obtained.

Again, with all low carb high-fat diets, do this under your doctor’s supervision!

how to lose belly fatThe last diet we looked at is the Nutrisystem diet.

This diet is one of the most popular ones as it is like the weight watchers diet in that it supplies you with not only your daily meal plans it also supplies you with the meals themselves!

The biggest difference with this diet is it allows all kinds of foods, even ice cream!

Does it work,. according to thousands upon thousands of positive reviews, it works wonders!

All of these diets have one thing in common, they all cut back on carbs and portions of food per serving, and this is the real secret to losing weight and keeping it off.

Now some of these diets can get spendy and not everyone can afford to spend the kinds of money some of these require, but they all do work and if followed properly they will do the job.


We have just skimmed the surface of the diets that are available on the market today and the ones we did look at we did not take a detailed look into.

our goal was to just touch on the diet fad and see what kinds of popular diets are out there and we accomplished that, but moreover, we found out that dieting is a much more detailed process than just cutting back on how much you eat.

Any diet plan should always involve your doctor’s advice as everyone’s requirements are different and connected to one’s overall health.

What works for one could very well be detrimental for another so follow your doctor’s advice when choosing what diet will give you the nest shot at losing weight safely!

So, to answer the question, “What is the best diet to lose belly fat?” there is no one answer, it all depends on your health, your commitment, and your goals!

Thanks for checking out our article and check back for future reviews as we take a look at the dieting world and how to choose from the many different choices there are available today!

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