What Is The Magic Weight Loss Bullit

What Is The Weight Loss Magic Bullet

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What is the weight loss magic bulletI think that this quest falls under the realm of the search for unicorns, the hunt for the Holy Grail, or some other fictitious paths.

The only truly effective magic bullet that I am aware of is the ability to keep your mouth closed when encountering items containing calories.

I know that that procedure cannot be maintained indefinitely over the long haul or we would be short for this earth.

Come on now, we all know what we have to do to maintain and not gain weight.

  • Make better food choices
  • Eat only what is needed to maintain our health
  • Exercise and mover around consistently
  • Get a good nights sleep

That is the magic bullet to weight loss in a nut shell


Everything that I have read, across a myriad of diets, basically states, eat more green.

This is the one constant theme or thread that I have found throughout the vast array of diet choices.

Some might stress a higher level consumption of protein over others; but, they all have a green consumption portion to their regimes.

I feel that the main component to a sustainable diet is balance. I don’t advocate going overboard in any one area, protein, carbs, or fats.

I truly love my veggies and fruit, but don’t get between me and a rare rib-eye steak; you just might get run over, lol.


Imbalances affect weight gainI have never been a fan of exercise, just for the sake of exercise.

I played Division 1 sports in college, and I had to exercise consistently to get and stay in shape. Did I like it, no; but, if I wanted to play, I did it.

I have gotten better at exercising, as I have gotten older. I am doing this on a purely personal reason. I want to feel better, look better, move better, and maybe hang around this world a little longer.

Do you have to kill yourself exercising? No, design a program that fits your current level of health and commit to doing it on a consistent basis.

I try to take this one day at a time, one week at a time. I find that during our current enforced residence at home that I have fewer interruptions and distractions and I can actually get more done in a shorter period.

It’s your life, you might as well make it as pleasant for yourself as you can.

Mental Well-Being

Exercise and eating the right and balanced foods will go a long way to alleviating mental and overall body stress.

Stress exerts a tremendous toll on our bodies, besides messing with our head.

Exercise and diet will smooth out your digestive track. Many people are just not aware of the brain-gut connection. If your digestive system is in an uproar, then you are definitely going to feel like crap all over and your stress levels will spike through the roof.

Getting a good nights sleep is an area that is gaining more prominence in developing an overall health climate for the body.

Try for at least seven to eight hours of good, uninterrupted sleep each night. Your body and stress levels will thank you for it.

In Conclusion

So there you have it. This is the magic weight loss bullet that you have been searching for, all of your life.

You knew it all; down deep in your gut. Eat better, exercise moderately, develop a stress reduced lifestyle.

I realize now is probably not the greatest moment to kick this into gear; but, start working on areas in your life where you might incorporate some needed dietary-exercise-lifestyle changes and see where they lead you.

Good luck, Stay healthy, . Stay safe in your journey.

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