Best Portable Home Gyms 2020

Best Portable Home Gyms 2020 – Will They Prevent Covid 19 Weight Gain?

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Best Portable Home GymsWith the advent of stay-at-home orders and the need to avoid large groups, home gyms have proliferated. The largest and least expensive segment of this market has been portable home gyms 2020.

It appears that this area of fitness is here to stay, for the foreseeable future. As long as the Covid-19 virus is in its virulent stage, I can’t see the gathering of large groups of people in confined spaces.

With all this being said, I have put together a list of what I consider to be the best portable home gyms that are being offered today. Now, please keep in mind, this is entirely my list, based on personal use and from what I have read. You might very well have your own specific choices as to what constitutes the best portable home gym.

My 7 Best Portable Home Gyms

OYO – This company offers two packages: the Basic Package and the Total Body package. Both of these packages are affordable and offer cutting edge technology. You will get a great total body workout in an all-in-one portable gym.

Body Boss 2.0 – I love this piece of exercise equipment because you can get an upper-body workout, a lower body workout, and a resistance workout, all from the same piece of equipment in one week.

Gorilla Full Body – Combine the Gorilla Bow and resistance cords to get the Gorilla Full Body workout. This combination enables users to get a cardio workout and build strength at the same time.

Fitness Insanity Resistance Bands – These resistance band kits have been flying off the shelves at sporting goods stores and online. Resistance bands provide everything you need to start resistance training, they are very affordable, take up little room, and they provide results with little training.

Bullworker – This piece of equipment primarily uses isometric; principles to target the large muscle groups in your chest, arms, legs, and back. This piece of equipment has been around for a number of years and obviously works well in the portable home gym market.

LegXercise – If you are working from home, as many of us these days, and stuck in a chair, this piece of equipment is a godsend. It will allow you to work out and exercise your legs, glutes, and abs while you work away, I don’t know if I would categorize this piece of equipment as a portable home gym, but it is a critical addition to the chair-bound worker.

Tension Toner Strength – Think resistance bands and a bar and you have visualized this system. It provides adjustable resistance, 3 levels are built into the system. It offers a variety of exercise programs for this system, which is truly portable, weighs under 2 lbs.


Portable Home GymsIn Conclusion

I did not include home gym systems, like Total Fit, Bowflex, or Weider because I couldn’t really classify them as portable. They provide great home gyms, just not something I want to carry around from place to place.

Don’t ever forget that we all have the perfect portable home gym attached to us. You don’t need to spend a penny, you don’t need any special workout area, you don’t even need any workout clothes to use bodyweight exercises. I have discussed this in my posts in the past. No excuses, you have all the equipment that God provided you with to exercise, lose weight, and get into shape.

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